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Stena selects AI
Stena Drilling selects Asset Integrity as their POB provider.

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Article showing the proven benefits of the Asset Integrity systems.


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The Asset Integrity software has multiple modules of which a client can opt to use as many or as few as they like. When a client selects Asset Integrity as a provider for specific modules we set up an exclusive database and server for clients. Some companies provide shared databases which we do not like we prefer to give our clients a more exclusive secure environment allowing a client to view their and only their data.

The modular system provides additional mission critical information as may be required to suit the complexity of the client's business. We also provide for bespoke modules which clients request and these can be integrated with our security module and if required our current modules. Current modules available are as follows:

  1. Personnel On Board (also available in an offline version for the PC)
  2. STOP Card Register
  3. HSE & Rig Performance
  4. Hose Registry
  5. Maintenance Management
  6. Spare Parts Inventory Management
  7. Warranty Assistant
  8. Kick Tracker

Once the exclusive server is in place, modules can work individually or together as part of an integrated package.

How does Asset Integrity deliver value?

Asset Integrity uses online technologies and database management architectures to allow a business owner to monitor and manage information related to the business, wherever it is situated, and to see at a glance that his legal and shareholder duties as regards human resources (POB), operational and safety management, are in order.

An Online System - Where is the data stored?

Asset Integrity will organize, manage and provide the support and data storage and back-up services on a monthly fee basis removing all the IT management issues with licensing, data servicing. This can provide cost and resource savings especially for multi-centric businesses who do not want to have IT as their core business.

The link to the data and the reporting systems appear seamlessly to the personnel in the field, wherever that may be, and who should not be concerned with such issues.


System Customization

As a system is developed and implemented further additions, modifications or customized reporting may be required. Legal or client reporting requirements and the changing risk profile of various components and processes within a business may also dictate some elements of system change. Asset Integrity understands this and works closely with clients to meet such requirements and where appropriate can allocate development teams can provide complete analysis, design, programming, and hosting services.

Change management is also our business

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